Snack Otaku - Custom Box Of Japanese Snacks

Product code: SNACKOTAKU
In the shop we've got a huge range of great Japanese Snacks. This listing allows you to order a custom batch of whatever drinks and snacks you would like. Mix and Match your order to your personal preference! Simply choose 4 options from the drop down lists. Includes free UK postage!

Includes different flavours of the following:
Glico Pocky Biscuit Snacks (8 Flavours!)
Glico Giant Pocky Caplico
Kabaya Rilakkuma Biscuit Snacks
Hello Panda Biscuit Snacks (6 Flavours!)
Pokemon Ocean Bomb (8 Flavours!)
Ramune (5 Flavours!)
Lotte Chocolate Koalas
Lotte Pokemon Chocolate Wafers
Pokka Milkshakes
Kabaya Puchi Pastel Chocolate Cone Snacks
Kabaya Jyu-C Soda Drops
Kabaya Crunchy Stick Candy
Kabaya Jyu-C Colour Ball Candy Dispenser
Weight 0.15kg
Brand Pocky
Condition New